Taking Care of Yourself

By Robert A. Creo, Editor


  • Make lists
  • Plan office time
  • Concentrate in 90 periods of time
  • Get enough sleep and proper nutrition

Stress, Pacing and Flow

  • Due to our natural biological cycles, most people’s productivity diminishes dramatically after working about 90 minutes without uninterrupted or any task. So try to organize you workdays into 90 minute segment.
  • Make sure to use paper calendars or electronic calendars with monthly and daily views.
  • Feel free to use question mark on your calendar. Map out timetable for each separate task and the combined tasks.
  • Make a timeline for your evenings and weekends also.
  • Do not become stressed or disappointed about modifications on your calendar.

Enhancing Cognitive Performance

  • Immediate feedback enhance performance.
  • Try to have you working space clean and organize so you don’t get distracted.
  • Yoga, meditation and other contemplative practices can improve can improve you mental concentration.

Personal Care

  • Remember good health reduces stress and promotes productivity.
  • We know that brain consolidates and process information while sleeping. So is crucial to get enough sleep.
  • Research indicates the cognitive benefits of certain food to lower blood pressure, protect again heart disease, and enhance memory and learning. Blueberries and peanut batter are good source of resveratrol, as is chocolate that is primary cocoa.

Robert A. Creo, Taking Care of Yourself, The Pennsylvania Lawyer, p.54 (Jul/Aug 2015).

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