PBA Sir Francis Bacon Award

Congratulations Robert on receiving the Sir Francis Bacon Award!

Mary Kate Coleman & Robert A. Creo, Esq.

Mary Kate Coleman, Co-Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee  of the Pennsylvania Bar Association introduced Robert A. Creo and presented him with the Award on behalf of the ADR Committee at the PBA awards luncheon on May 10th at the the Hershey Convention Center in Hershey, Pa.

During his remarks, Bob recognized and thanked his mentors and ADR colleagues who have provided guidance and support over the years.  “No accomplishment or success is a result of only individual efforts and that all awards result from group efforts and community support.  This is especially true within the legal profession –lawyers do not practice in a void. Affiliations, connections, and relationships are at the heart of lawyer competency and contentment. The PBA does an excellent job of providing services to its membership and promoting the common good for public benefit.”

Robert A. Creo, Esq.

“It is an honor to be recognized by my peers for the 2018 Sir Francis Bacon Award.” Robert A. Creo, Esquire  

PBA Sir Francis Bacon Award

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