Professional Development: Perpetual Learning!

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci

Social and human behavior science has shown that a key trait associated with success and contentment is being a life long learner.  This is much more than maintaining technical competency in your chosen field.   Perpetual learning is driven by a curiosity for knowledge and an understanding on how people and the world works.  Investor Warren Buffet, one of the most investors in history, reads fiction and other books in domains other than business or economics.  Research by Randall Kiser and others into effective lawyers has shown the correlation between the pursuit of knowledge and wise decision making which leads to effective representation of clients.  Successful learning involves a commitment to modify attitudes, perspectives, conduct and habits to produce lawyers eager to perform representation with pride. This requires more than attendance at CLE programs and is a learning grounded in scientific principles.  This includes research in neuroscience, human behavior, positive psychology, and social science applied research to lawyers and the legal profession

Please feel free to download my latest column published in November by the Pa Lawyer magazine of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  This is the 22nd installment in my series, The Effective Lawyer.

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