Arbitration Advocacy: The Anatomy of Arbitration

Presented by Robert A. Creo, Esq.

This workshop tracks the arbitration process from its beginning to end by dissecting the process to empower its integral parts to enable the advocate to develop the skills and best practices necessary for effective advocacy.  It is a Nuts and Bolts workshop where what to do, why, and when are explored at each stage of the process.  From preparation to drafting briefs, the advocate it exposed to the best practices which have proven successful. There are exercises and attendees engage in fishbowl role plays and close instruction on case presentation.

The workshop is customized for the class size and duration of 6 to 40 hours.

Topics May Include

  • Arbitration law
  • Agreement to Arbitrate
  • Selection and Appointment of Arbitrators
  • Disclosures and Disqualification of Arbitrator
  • Sole v. Panels; Partisan Arbitrators
  • Hybrid Processes; Mediation
  • Arbitration Costs
  • Case Management and Pre-hearing Issues
  • Exchange of Information; Discovery
  • Preliminary Evidentiary Issues; Motions; Submissions
  • Hearing Logistics; Time; Technology
  • Effective Preparation; Theory and Proof Issues; Chronology of Facts
  • Conduct of the Hearing
  • Opening Statements
  • Evidence; Documents; Charts; Hearsay; Site Visits
  • Witness Presentation, Testimony; Credibility
  • Effective Direct & Cross-Examination
  • Rebuttal and Sur-rebuttal
  • Argument and Briefs
  • Deliberations and Intratribunal Considerations
  • Remedies
  • Issuance of Award
  • Post-hearing Considerations

Each course is designed for the specific audience, types of cases, and length of time of course.