Competency & Contentment Course

Learning is a process.  It takes time to absorb new information or insights, and to then evaluate the benefits and risks of modifying perspectives or behavior.  Soft skills are essential to effective representation. Only conscious repeated action creates a new habit or best practice.
The course content relies upon scientific research to offer the best practices, habits, and attitudes for both success and happiness as a lawyer.
The Competency and Contentment Course curriculum maximizes the opportunity to learn by targeting core competencies in a concentrated fashion.  The delivery method combines workshops and independent online study designed to provide the “stickiness” required for growth and professional enhancement.

Happy Effective Lawyer Workshop: Storytelling to Yes!

Come join me on the stage in Upper Lawrenceville on Saturday morning, August 25th to learn the fundamentals and structure of storytelling as persuasion.  All problems, and cases, have a story at its core.  Storytelling differs from argument, debate, dialogue, and other forms of oral communication.  The ability to convey your perspective in a concise and compelling narrative is a core competency of lawyers.


Storytelling CLE Workshop 8.25.2018