Competency & Contentment Online Program

The objective is to modify lawyer attitudes, perspectives, habits, and professional development to produce lawyers eager to perform representation with pride. The curriculum is based upon scientific principles, including neuroscience, human behavior, positive psychology, and social science as applied research to lawyers and the legal profession.

Core Competencies
Students start with a self-identification of their strengths and weaknesses with online assessments and surveys.
1. Attitude & Attributes (self-esteem, values/morals, authenticity; perspectives; engagement; mindfulness, credibility; communication skills)
2. Ability & Agility (knowledge; wellness; talent, creativity, curiosity)
3. Affiliation (community & civic involvement, connectedness, belonging)
4. Autonomy & Accountability (initiative, responsibility, reliability)
5. Achievement & Actualization (leadership, mentoring; peak performance; wisdom)

The program starts and ends with on-site workshops presented by Robert A. Creo. It includes periodic distance learning interactions with the students and faculty, and participation by a designated in-house program manager.

For best results the program should be completed with both the on-site workshops and the online course. Law firms and in-house legal departments may also benefit from supplemental consulting services consisting of confidential surveys and customized coaching of individual lawyers.

Contact Robert A. Creo to answer your questions. Set up a no-charge telephone conversation.

Competency & Contentment Online Course

The components of the course are designed for “learning moments” that can be incorporated in short time segments throughout busy schedules. The course is taken in combination with the wealth of information available on the Happy Effective Lawyer, LLC website. A lifetime subscription to the Happy Effective Lawyer resources is provided as part of the course.  Certification of successful completion is issued by the Effective Lawyer Institute.

Faculty: Robert A. Creo, Esq.
Curriculum Designers: Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

The online only Competency & Contentment Program Course is $349. The course can be taken separately from the hybrid program. This will include only the online course and no on-site workshops.

Taking the Course
(For both on-line only and comprehensive users)

Students start with a self-identification of their strengths and weaknesses with online assessments and surveys. The same survey is taken at the beginning and the end of each competency to assist you in monitoring your progress. You will create one PIN and use the same one throughout the course.
Once you have logged into your account it will take you to the home page. You take the course by clicking the content tab which takes you the access page for the courses. Double-click on the course box under course title, such as the Competency & Contentment Program, to take the course.  Within the course is a link to sign-up for your free lifetime subscription to the Happy Effective Lawyer Resources. At the start of each new session, you can click on the content tab and navigate through all of your lessons (except for the Digests, which are issued on an installment basis and are only supplemental reading -not tested material). The back button and the bread crumbs allow you to navigate back through the course.

  • Pointers and Insights & Helpers are one page PDF downloads available within the course and on Happy Effective Lawyer, containing more information and resources on the topic.
    Pointers focus on soft skills and effective practice tips.
    Insights & Helpers focus on happiness and best practices for contentment.
  • Digests are narrow and singular focus content pages on one aspect within the competency. They are housed as pages on Happy Effective Lawyer.
    Digest lessons are issued every week after the first two weeks into the course to remind users to regularly visit the site.