Educational Programs

The Happy Effective Lawyer has designed a comprehensive menu of online courses and onsite workshops tailored to the busy lawyer for professional development. You can take individual courses or Master Course bundles which provide access to multiple courses for a discounted, bundled price. Once you have signed up for a course, you can retake it as many times as your want. Register below!

Robert A. Creo, Esq. Faculty 

CLE Courses

Happy Effective Lawyer, LLC is an Accredited Provider of CLE in Pennsylvania. We have several courses approved for CLE credits. These include subjects in mediation, persuasion, decision making, performance, and WorkStyles.


Course Packages

Happy Effective Lawyer offers packages of courses. The packages are bundled according to subject. Our packages include:
– Master Course Package (13 courses)
– Navigating Decision Making (3 courses)
– WorkStyle Competency & Contentment (2 courses)
– Navigating Creativity (2 courses)
– Navigating Emotions (3 courses)


 Skills & Best Practices for Effective Lawyering 

These online courses and modulars provide substantive skills for effective lawyering. They are comprised of soft skills and best practices including mediation, arbitration, persuasion and more. These courses provide Certificates for passing the final exam. Completion Certificates state “Highly Commendable” or “Commendable” for those who achieve high scores. Certificates are provided by the Effective Lawyer Institute.


 Knowledge & Insights

While these online courses are compiled from available sources, for ease of access and reference, we have saved you the time and energy of self-searching the internet to find and summarize the knowledge. Knowledge & Insights courses, while containing some exams and pre-tests, do not result in certificates upon completion.


Comprehensive WorkStyle Programs

We offer extensive courses either individually or bundled. Two of our courses follow our model focusing on five core competencies: Attitudes & Attributes, Ability & Agility, Affiliation, Autonomy & Accountability, and Achievement & Actualization. The Competency and Contentment Course consists of over 200 lessons, including self-assessments, and a wide range of practical knowledge. The Effective WorkStyles course teaches decision-making and how to create meaningful habits that apply to your daily practice. The Serenity & Wellness course focuses on a healthy mind and body. The objective is to modify lawyer attitudes, perspectives, habits, and professional development to produce lawyers eager to perform representation with pride. The curriculum is based upon scientific principles, including neuroscience, human behavior, positive psychology, and social science as applied research to lawyers and the legal profession.



Onsite Workshops

Happy Effective Lawyer and its affiliates offer seminars and workshops across the globe, and are available to design and present onsite learning on a wide variety of topics. Many of these workshops can be offered for PA CLE Credits.


International Partners

Happy Effective Lawyer partners with groups across the globe to offer courses, programs, and on-site workshops to international lawyers.

Happy Effective Lawyer does not sell or distribute your contact, email, or other information to any third parties, or solicit you directly.