De-Escalation of Emotions – Affect Labeling

Grounded in the latest findings in neuroscience and decades of experience of the faculty this course teaches how to efficiently and successfully navigate strong negative emotions of other people. It provides a new set of listening and communication skills that address difficult interactions involved with counseling clients, negotiations, and mediation.

Faculty: Douglas Noll, JD, MA
Curriculum Designers: Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

Course Sections & Navigation

Section 1 – Emotional Responses & Invalidation
Section 2 – Affect Labeling Method
Section 3 – Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Section 4 – Listening Skills
Section 5 – Review
Section 6 – Final Exam

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There are three pre-tests included in the course. You are not expected to know the information included in the exams -they are to assess where your knowledge on the subject is at the time of taking. All tests and the final review can only be taken once, but your score and answers can be reviewed throughout the course.

Faculty Bio

Doug Noll has been in professional practice for over 40 years as an attorney, mediator, and peacemaker. For the
past 20 years, he has dedicated himself to understanding the emotional and biological origins of human conflict. With this knowledge, he has developed a unique set of skills that work the first time, every time. He works in places as diverse as Fortune 500 executive suites and maximum security prisons, teaching these deep skills.

Last Updated: 4.12.18