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Happy Effective Lawyer has created a series of free e-books that are available for download. Topics include healthy habits and soft skills for lawyers to increase overall wellness, productivity, and contentment.
Future releases address stress, creativity, exercise, serenity, and other subjects containing knowledge, skills, and insights for professional development. Online courses on Stress and Creativity are currently available.

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Current Downloads

Effective Decision Making: Navigating Cognitive Biases. This e-book gives an overview of cognitive biases, how these biases affect thinking and decision-making, and how overcoming them can allow you to make better decisions. It was created in combination with our course Navigating Cognitive Biases.

Healthy Habits: Exercise Matters! explores the basics of exercise –the science of why it works, different types of exercise, and the way it affects your physical and mental health.

Healthy Habits: Creativity Matters! provides an introduction to the basics of the creativity process, as well as creativity skills and practices. This e-book was created in combination with our courses Understanding Creativity and Creativity Practices.

Healthy Habits: Serenity Matters! is made in collaboration with La-Verne Parris, Certified Life Coach, J.D., M.Sc., M.Sc. It provides the insights and information to break from negative habits and emotions to embrace who you really are and create your own personal positive power. This e-book was created in combination with our course Serenity & Wellness.

Healthy Habits: Stress Matters! provides coping mechanisms and tips to alleviate stress. This PDF was created in combination with our course Navigating Stress.

Healthy Habits: Sleep Matters! We could all use a little more sleep! This e-learning PDF covers the science and impact of sleep. It is the first of our series Healthy Habits, which will be full of quick, practical tips to help improve your habits, daily performance, and contentment.

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