Course Packages

Master Course Package

Happy Effective Lawyer offers access to 5 Skills & Best Practices courses, as well as all 8 Knowledge & Insights courses for a one-time fee of only $135. If taken individually, the total cost is $430 for these 13 courses.

(Note: This does not include the extensive, 200+ lessons, Competency & Contentment Course with free subscription to the Resources website).

Happy Effective Lawyer’s Master Course Package includes:
Understanding MediationUnderstanding ArbitrationUnderstanding Millennial LawyersUnderstanding Practice Management & DevelopmentUnderstanding StorytellingUnderstanding CreativityUnderstanding EmotionsNavigating Emotions-Acting EffectivelyNavigating Emotions-Credibility & DeceptionDe-Escalation of Emotions-Affect LabelingCreativity PracticesThe Art & Science of PersuasionNavigating Stress

WorkStyle Competency & Contentment

The Competency and Contentment Course consists of over 200 lessons, including self-assessments, and a wide range of practical knowledge. The Happy Effective WorkStyles course teaches decision-making and how to create meaningful habits that apply to your daily practice.

(Note: The Competency & Contentment Course includes a free subscription to our Resources website).

Happy Effective Lawyer’s WorkStyle Competency & Contentment Package includes: Competency & Contentment Online Course; Happy Effective WorkStyles

Navigating Decision Making

Learn everything from the basics of decision making to how cognitive biases affect the decision making process. Also included is a course on navigating group collaboration and brainstorming.

Happy Effective Lawyer’s Navigating Decision Making Package includes: Understanding Decision Making; Navigating Cognitive Biases; Navigating Group Decision Making

Navigating Creativity 

Designed to give a basic understanding of the definition and basics of creativity, and a focus on the skills and practices that foster creativity. 

Happy Effective Lawyer’s Navigating Creativity package includes: Understanding Creativity; Creativity Practices

Navigating Emotions

This series takes a deeper dive into the whirlpool of emotions. Emotional Intelligence is an essential soft skill for lawyer competency, contentment, and effective representation. These courses are designed to increase your EQ by providing not only insight but specific skills and tips on how to be successful in a variety of emotional contexts.

Happy Effective Lawyer’s Navigating Emotions includes: Understanding Emotions; Acting Effectively; Credibility & Deception