Master Course Package

Happy Effective Lawyer offers access to 6 Skills & Best Practices courses, as well as all 7 Knowledge & Insights courses for a one-time fee of only $200. If taken individually, the total cost is $430 for these 14 courses.

(Note: This does not include the extensive, 196 lessons, Competency & Contentment Course).

Happy Effective Lawyer’s Master Course Package:
(These links are meant to provide information on the courses. They link to the original, individual courses and have the course sales buttons on them. These are shown for information on the course content, price comparison, and other information relevant to the individual course. Clicking on these links will take you to those sales pages and not the Master Course sales page. The Master Course can only be purchased from this page.)

Understanding Mediation

Understanding Arbitration

Understanding Millennial Lawyers

Understanding Practice Management & Development

Understanding Storytelling

Understanding Creativity

Understanding Emotions

Navigating Emotions – Acting Effectively

Navigating Emotions – Credibility & Deception

De-Escalation of Emotions – Affect Labeling

Creativity Practices

The Art & Science of Persuasion

Navigating Stress

Serenity & Wellness