Happy Lawyer Stories

Many have found joy and success being a lawyer. Hear these lawyers share how they engage in daily practice to deliver excellent representation while achieving professional satisfaction and personal well-being. Lawyers from many different practice areas are interviewed and linked to the website to bring their insights to the WorkStyles Program.

Each lawyer is asked the same four questions: 1)  What fulfills and brings you satisfaction being a lawyer? 2) What WorkStyles, advice, or tips can you offer? 3) What mentors or colleagues have contributed to your well-being? 4) Final thoughts?

If you would like to share your insights, please contact Robert A. Creo at robertcreo@happyeffectivelawyer.org 

Listen to Robert A. Creo, Pittsburgh, PA, give his insights on finding professional satisfaction.

Christopher Gabriel, Pittsburgh, PA, Cafardi Ferguson Wyrick Weis + Stotler, explains how he finds fulfillment in law, and offers advice to new lawyers.