Happy Lawyer Stories

Many have found joy and success being a lawyer. Our Happy Effective Lawyer WorkStyles Programs include a series of free Youtube videos called the Happy Lawyer Stories. We are featuring 2-3 minute videos with accomplished lawyers to bring their diverse insights and experiences to life. 

We have recorded their responses based on the following questions:

  1. How does being a lawyer fulfill you personally and professionally?
  2. What advice or tips can you offer based on your style of working
  3. How have your mentors or colleagues contributed to your well-being?
  4. Any additional thoughts about happiness and practicing law?

If you would like to share your insights, please contact Robert A. Creo at robertcreo@happyeffectivelawyer.org 

Listen to Robert A. Creo, Pittsburgh, PA, give his insights on finding professional satisfaction.

Christopher Gabriel, Pittsburgh, PA, Cafardi Ferguson Wyrick Weis + Stotler, explains how he finds fulfillment in law, and offers advice to new lawyers.