Happy Effective WorkStyles

Happy Effective WorkStyles (HEW) leads professionals to hew their skills and habits. 

Lawyers deserve to lead an integrated life 24/7 and to find meaning and purpose in their work. There is a false duality between work as drudgery contrasted with time away from work as “living”. Work can be structured to be engaging and performed with excellence while maximizing personal contentment. Successful lawyers practice core competencies, soft skills, and productive habits. The Happy Effective Lawyer offers professional development that fits even modest budgets.

Many have found joy and success being a lawyer. Hear these lawyers share how they engage in daily practice to deliver excellent representation while achieving professional satisfaction and personal well-being.

We offer online courses and workshops to enhance skills and habits promoting competency, peak performance, and wellness.

We have created a set of surveys to explore the goals, attitudes, habits, and values that result in contentment and engagement on a daily basis. The survey responses are compiled with the intent to create best practice to promote a productive and harmonious work-life. Responses are anonymous, but may be compiled as part of our WorkStyles Programs and/or quoted on our website.

Happy Effective Lawyer does not sell or distribute your contact, email, or other information to any third parties, or solicit you directly.