Comprehensive Programs

We customize our hybrid online and WorkStyle programs which can be delivered onsite and tailored to your own needs and schedules. 

Competency & Contentment Program
Our featured course is the immersive Competency & Contentment Program, designed to be completed over a number of months and facilitated in cooperation with senior lawyers.

The professional development objective is to modify lawyer attitudes, perspectives, and habits to produce lawyers eager to perform representation with pride. The curriculum is based upon scientific principles, including neuroscience, human behavior, positive psychology, and social science as applied research to lawyers and the legal profession.

Happy Effective WorkStyles
This course teaches decision-making and how to create meaningful habits that apply to your daily practice. The course follows our model focusing on five core competencies. 

Serenity & Wellness Course
Break out of negative habits and emotions to embrace who you really are, and your own personal positive power. This course is a collaboration with La-Verne Parris, Certified Life Coach, J.D., M.Sc., M.Sc., who is the lead faculty.