Knowledge & Insights

The Knowledge & Insight curriculum provides basic background information on a variety of relevant subjects. They can be taken prior to or in conjunction with Skills & Best Practices courses.

Knowledge & Insights courses, while containing some exams and pre-tests, do not result in Certification upon completion. They can be taken in a shorter timeframe and are only $20 each.

Understanding Mediation
Understanding Mediation provides the basics of mediation.

Understanding Millennial Lawyers
This course explores the perspectives and habits of those born between 1981 and 1996.

Understanding Practice Management & Development
An introduction to the basics of law firm practice management and development.

Understanding Emotions
This course is an introduction to emotions and emotional-related behavior.

Understanding Storytelling
The basic foundations, purpose, and delivery of storytelling to persuade.

Understanding Creativity
An introduction to the basics of the creativity process.

Understanding Arbitration
An introduction to arbitration concepts and practice.

Understanding Decision Making
The basics of attorney decision-making.