Our Mission

Everyone should be happy while at work. People deserve to lead an integrated life 24/7 and to find meaning and purpose in their jobs. There is a false duality between work as drudgery, contrasted with time away from work as “living.” Work can be structured to be engaging and performed with excellence while maximizing personal contentment and wellness.

Although our focus is working with lawyers, soft skills, best practices, and effective habits all promote competency, contentment and wellness throughout the workplace for any profession.

How We Promote Our Mission

Soft skills and effective habits are not innate; they can be taught and learned. Happy Effective Lawyer was founded in January 2017 to educate lawyers and other legal professionals on how to achieve both peak performance, contentment and wellness. Knowledge and insights are delivered via online courses and workshops. One-time fees can provide you access to over a dozen online courses bundled by subject on happyeffectivelawyer.org.

The comprehensive Competency & Contentment is available online and includes a lifetime subscription to the online Resource Library. The Effective WorkStyle and the Serenity & Wellness Courses are also available online.

The Resource Library contains information based upon scientific research and the latest studies. It has over 4,000 pages of useful information including videos, downloads, and links to original research sources. The Library is a subscription service, nominally priced, that does not collect or share the user’s personal data.

Happy Effective Lawyer does not sell or distribute your contact, email, or other information to any third parties, or solicit you directly.