Navigating Cognitive Biases

Navigating Cognitive Biases covers the definition of cognitive biases and heuristics, how these biases affect thinking and decision-making, as well as overcoming these biases to make better decisions.
Cognitive biases (thinking or brain biases) are “systematic error[s] in thinking that affect[] the decisions and judgments that people make.” The human thinking process is imperfect -according to Kendra Cherry.

This course covers the basics of decision-making, thought processes, and cognitive biases, as well as more detailed, specific definitions of individual biases. Exercises are sprinkled throughout the course to help you identify and overcome your own biases.

Faculty: Robert A. Creo, Esq.
Curriculum Designers: Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

Course Lessons & Navigation

Section 1 – Theory of the Mind
Section 2 – How We Think & Decide
Section 3 – Cognitive Bias & Heuristics
Section 4 – Studies
Section 5 – Overcoming Cognitive Bias
Section 6 – Feedback Survey

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