Happy Effective Lawyer has compiled a resource library to supplement our courses and workshops. This information is available by subscription at the Happy Effective Lawyer Resources website.

Resources include studies on happiness, health and wellness, information on practice management, networking, lawyer best practices, and a wealth of videos, podcasts, and blogs on a wide-range of subjects.

Happy Effective Lawyer Resources

Free E-Books

Happy Effective Lawyer has created a series of free e-book downloads covering an assortment of topics. Many of the e-books were created in conjunction with our online courses and provide additional insights, but are valuable and informative on their own as well. 

Full Course List

Comprehensive WorkStyle Programs
Competency & Contentment
Effective WorkStyles
Serenity & Wellness

Skills & Best Practices for Effective Lawyering
De-Escalation of Emotions – Affect Labeling
The Art & Science of Persuasion

Creativity Practices
Navigating Stress
Navigating Cognitive Biases
Navigating Group Decision Making
Navigating Emotions – Acting Effectively
Navigating Emotions – Credibility & Deception

Knowledge & Insights
Understanding Mediation
Understanding Millennial Lawyers

Understanding Practice Management & Development
Understanding Emotions
Understanding Storytelling
Understanding Creativity
Understanding Arbitration
Understanding Decision Making

Miscellaneous Legal Resources

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