Free Trial – The Art & Science of Persuasion

The Art & Science of Persuasion covers persuasion skills and practices. Lessons include communicating with clients, colleagues, and other lawyers effectively. The lessons can be purchased individually at $15-$20 each (total of $210), or as a discounted bundle of all 12 lessons for $60. There is no Certificate issued for this online course.
(This is a free trial, prices shown only for further information. The free trial includes the bundle of all 12 lessons.)

The faculty is available to conduct workshops in persuasion, negotiation, and communication skills. Email Robert A. Creo for more information:

Faculty: Robert A. Creo, Esq.
Curriculum Designers: Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

Course Sections & Navigation
The bundled course will contain all of the following sections, however you can opt to take the individual sections.

Section 1 – Four Pillars of Effective Persuasion
Section 2 – Basic Persuasion Principles
Section 3 – Lingo & Artless Language
Section 4 – Using Analogy, Metaphors, & Similes
Section 5 – Public Speaking–Anxiety & Fear
Section 6 – Persuasive Pathos for Jurors
Section 7 – Drafting Effective Letters
Section 8 – Electronic Communications
Section 9 – Demands, Asks & Convincing Adversaries
Section 10 – Briefs & Written Argument
Section 11 – Educational Presentations
Section 12 – Pitches for Prospective Clients

After payment and sign-up, you will be logged into your account. You take the course by clicking the content tab which takes you the access page for the courses. Double-click on the course box under course title to take the course.  At the start of each new session, you can click on the content tab and navigate through all of your lessons. The back button and the bread crumbs allow you to navigate back through the course.

There are quizzes included in the course. You are not expected to know the information included in the quizzes -they are to assess where your knowledge on the subject is at the time of taking. All quizzes can only be taken once, but your score and answers can be reviewed throughout the course.

There are several downloads in the course -Takeaway sheets and Pennsylvania Lawyer articles written by Robert A. Creo. The Take Aways are meant to be reviewed at the end of each section and for you to fill in with your own notes. Videos are included throughout the lessons.