The British Legal Centre

The Happy Effective Lawyer, LLC cooperates closely with the British Legal Center sharing faculty and curriculum. Students who have successfully completed a BLC course are entitled to a discount on all Effective Lawyer online courses. Please use the discount information provided by BLC to you to take advantage of the discount.

Skills and Best Practices courses provide Certificates for passing the final exam. Completion Certificates state “Highly Commendable” or “Commendable” for those who achieve high scores. Certificates are provided by the Effective Lawyer Institute or the British Legal Centre.

Competency & Contentment Program

Skills & Best Practices

Navigating Emotions
This series of courses focuses on dealing with emotions, including addressing deception.

De-Escalation of Emotions – Affect Labeling
Learn techniques to defuse intense emotional feelings, especially anger and frustration.

The Art & Science of Persuasion
Learn about the art of persuasion with a focus on oral communication.

Knowledge & Insights

(Non-Certificate Courses)

Understanding Mediation
Understanding Mediation provides the basics of mediation.

Understanding Millennial Lawyers
This course explores the perspectives and habits of those born between 1981 and 1996.

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