Thriving Lawyer CLE Series

Thriving Lawyer CLE Series: Thriving at Work & Beyond

Thriving Lawyer’s mission is to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you can strive to be the best human you can be while thriving as a lawyer.

Courses are designed with a cross-disciplinary approach grounded in social science and human behavior principles found to be essential for professional development. If you are looking for an informal discussion group, please see our accompanying Thriving Lawyer Luncheon Series.

Location & Dates: Five in-person CLE courses will be held every other Wednesday from 2/12/2020 to 6/17/2020 in downtown Pittsburgh at the Allegheny HYP Club, Library 619 William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. You do not have to be a member of the club to attend the courses.

Course Pricing & Registration: $40.00 per course, with advance registration required. Register below or call 412-212-6933.

Each course is worth 1 PA CLE credit. Courses can each be taken independently or as part of the series.

We are also offering each course multiple times on different dates for your convenience (you will be able to select dates for the courses on the registration form below).

Curriculum Design & Lead Faculty
Robert A. Creo, Esq. and Principal of Happy Effective Lawyer 
Renee Schwerdt, Esq., and Principal of Thriving Lawyer WellBeing Services

I Am Not My Job: Over-identifying with your job can lead to burnout and discontent at work and at home. This
course focuses on avoiding common traps such as “being” your job and becoming cynical about the world. 1 Substantive Credit.
Dates offered: 2/12/20: 4:15pm, 3/11/20: 4:15pm, 4/8/20: 4:15pm, 5/6/20: 4:15

Beyond Civility to Collegiality: Become aware of the ethical rules and benefits of cooperating with opposing
counsel and creating a culture of collegiality in your practice area. 1 Ethics Credit.
Dates offered: 2/12/20: 5:30pm, 3/25/20: 5:30pm, 4/22/20: 4:15pm, 5/6/20: 5:30pm

Building Grit & Resilience: Social scientists have identified that resilience is a key characteristic of success and
contentment both professionally and personally. Learn best practices and habits to promote your own grit as a
lawyer. 1 Substantive Credit.
Dates offered: 2/26/20: 4:15pm, 3/11/20: 5:30pm, 5/20/20: 4:15pm, 6/17/20: 4:15pm

Optimizing Performance & Flow: A lawyer in a flow state is fully immersed, energized, engaged, and enjoying
working. Learn how to obtain and maintain flow states to perform at your best. 1 Substantive Credit.
Dates offered: 2/26/20: 5:30pm, 4/22/20: 5:30pm, 5/20/20: 5:30pm, 6/3/20: 4:15pm

Lawyer WellBeing & Healthy Habits: Learn healthy habits for sleep (including napping!), eating, and movement
to improve your overall WellBeing. 1 Substantive Credit.
Dates offered: 3/25/20: 4:15pm, 4/8/20: 5:30pm, 6/3/20: 5:30pm, 6/17/20: 5:30pm

PA approved CLE provided by Effective Lawyer Institute and Happy Effective Lawyer, LLC


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