Understanding Decision Making

Understanding Decision Making is an introductory overview course. It is part of a three course package wherein the other two courses –Navigating Cognitive Biases and Navigating Group Decision Making – take a closer look at some of the details touched upon in this intro course.

Few practicing lawyers ever try cases in front of juries or even judges. Over 98% of cases filed in courts are resolved by other means. A greater understanding of how lawyers effectively analyze a situation and implement the decisions that result in the negotiations, mediation and litigation of legal matters provides a solid foundation for future success in the practice of law.

Faculty: Robert A. Creo, Esq.
Curriculum Designers: Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

Course Sections & Navigation

Section 1 – Introduction & Overview
Section 2 – Decision Error
Section 3 – Identity, Culture & Values
Section 4 – How the Brain Works
Section 5 – How We Decide: Cognitive Processes
Section 6 – Emotion, Trust & Empathy
Section 7 – Effective Lawyering & Ethics
Section 8 – Mindfulness, Consciousness, Intuition & Improvisation
Section 9 – Group Decision Making
Section 10 – Technology
Section 11 – Feedback Survey

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