Serenity & Wellness

The Serenity & Wellness Course covers the unique tools and 10 Steps from La-Verne Parris’ 10 Steps to Serenity, found in Chapter 6 of the Wellness Code. Using these fun and empowering worksheets helps us to identify our emotions, what we are going through in that moment, and how we can turn each challenge into a personal triumph. These victories occur when we overcome our own negative thinking, triggers and patterns, and begin focusing on our own positive, empowering thoughts and subsequent actions.

Use the tools found in each of the 10 Steps to break out of negative habits and emotions to embrace who you really are, and your own personal positive power. The online course is made-up of 6 sections.

Faculty: La-Verne Parris, Certified Life Coach, J.D., M.Sc., M.Sc.
Curriculum Designers: La-Verne Parris, Robert A. Creo, Esq., Chelsea Schroeder

Course Sections & Navigation

Section 1 – Self-Compassion
Section 2 – Self-Discovery
Section 3 – Setting & Building Goals
Section 4 – Growth & Change
Section 5 – Serenity, Joy & Gratitude
Section 6 – Review

After payment and sign-up, you will be logged into your account. You take the course by clicking the content tab which takes you to the access page for the courses. Double click on the course box under course title to take the course. At the start of each new session, you can click on the content tab and navigate through all of your lessons. The back button and bread crumbs allow your to navigate back through the course.

You will start the course with a self-assessment to create a baseline of your “Serenity Practices”. You will complete this assessment again at the end of the course to track your progress.

Faculty Bio
La-Verne Parris is an Award-winning educator. She is one of the most innovative and sought after Life Coaches worldwide. Her unique approach to facilitating true transformation in her clients’ lives is legendary and establishes her among the most visionary, innovative, and socially conscious life coaches of our time.