CLE Courses

Happy Effective Lawyer offers several in-person and online courses with CLE credits through the Pennsylvania Bar. 

CLE Courses Available

In-Person Workshops

Thriving Lawyer CLE Series: Thriving at Work and Beyond
This in-person workshop series is designed to help lawyers take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually so that they can strive to be the best lawyer they can be. The courses start in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February 2020.

Online Courses

Happy Effective WorkStyles CLE
This online course for CLE Credits leads professionals to hew their skills and habits.

Effective Mediation CLE
This online course for CLE Credits gives an in-depth overview of mediation skills, tips, and habits.

Effective Persuasion CLE
This online course for CLE credits teachers the art of persuasion with a focus on oral communication.

To obtain the credits from the online video courses, the CLE board requires confirmation of completion of the one hour video segments. There are passcodes distributed throughout each one hour video that the student will have to note by email to to receive their credit. The passcodes must be listed in order as they were mentioned throughout the videos.